Tools list

Audio recorder

A simple audio recorder is a web tool that allows you to record audio and download it. This tool can be accessed through a web browser and does not require any additional software installation.

Base64 converter

Base64 converter - encode / decode. It just works & uses only javascript (btoa and atob).

Contrast ratio calculator

It helps you to easily check the contrast ratio for selected colors. The tool facilitates decision making in the creation of palettes or the selection of colors.


Simple tool for countdown written in react

Face detector

Face detection from Tensorflow Blazeface. This model was created to track face and smile. The entire tool takes 5 MB (javascript).

GUID / UUID generator

The tool allows you to generate up to 2500 unique identifiers (GUID / UUID) in several formats: json, array or string. Especially useful during tests.

Laravel package generator

Generates the necessary boilerplate code that makes it easy to start creating plugins for Laravel. It allows you to customize and download a Laravel package in zip.

Number to text

Converts numbers to words in multiple languages. Especially useful when issuing invoices in different languages (e.g. Italian, French, English, Spanish).

Sudoku Solver

Sudoku game with 4 levels

Tone generator

Tone generator that allows you to generate and listen to different type of waves within the range of 1 - 21000 Hz

Word counter

Word and character counter. Written in javascript, it comes in handy at times.

Youtube wayback machine

The tool is especially useful for authors. Find the most popular videos on YouTube and search all the most interesting content for the selected period (from 2006).